1. Flickr Commons: Architecture the Dutch Way 1945–2000

        J. Niegeman. Instruction model of standardized housing in Magnitogorsk, Russia./2
        1. A new set on Flickr Commons is well on its way: “Architecture the Dutch Way 1945–2000” is presenting a selection of the 200 items from the collection that will be on show at The Hermitage in St. Petersburg. We will gradually add more pieces as we go along, heading for the opening on October 15.
        1. This exhibition is a result of a close cooperation between The New Institute and The State Hermitage Museum. Architecture the Dutch Way is the first retrospective at the Hermitage to be devoted to the history of European architecture after the Second World War. The collection of The New Institute, which includes drawings, sketches, models and photos, shows how, in the Netherlands, the ideal of communality made way for greater diversity, reflecting an individualising society.

          This exhibition points to various themes for the near future of The New Instiute: the importance of history and heritage as a mirror of the present, collaboration with researchers, artists and institutions, and not least the richness and opportunities of its own architecture archive, which is probably the largest in the world.