1. The ruins of MVRDV’s World Expo pavilion

        The ruins of MVRDV’s World Expo pavilion in Hannover, Germany (2000). Photographed by Johannes Schwartz./1
        1. “The photographs of Schwartz begin as a moment of documentary, a train running into the inky blue of the night, evoking the oldest, most reassuring image of light from a hut in the distance observed by weary travellers. The journey to Hanover also repeats the pilgrimage to the great display centres of merchandise, which was first canonised in the Crystal Palace exhibition, of 1851, that not only inaugurates globalisation as a theme, but as shown in the photographs of Talbot Fox, binds and fastens the relation of photography to the industrial technical world of which it becomes an effective and template and record.”
        1. Read more in this essay by Patrick Healy on Schwartz’s series + see more images.